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Winter Solstice and The Spiral of Lights

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Winter Solstice is the darkest day of the year, usually falling on December 21st. Since ancient times there was a celebration on this night to celebrate the returning of the sun and light and warmer days to come. The Winter is the time of the Crone, of turning inward and resting. Many still celebrate the Solstice as a time to burn the yule log all night, to set intentions to be carried into the New Year and honor the darkness from which all new growth comes. Just as the seed lies in wait in the dark earth for the spring to shine the sun upon it so it may burst through into the light, we celebrate the Spiral of Lights. It is a reverent ritual where one candle is lit in the center of the spiral, to represent our spiritual center. As we walk with our unlit candle, slowly and deliberately we contemplate our intentions for the coming year. As we walk towards the center of the spiral we also walk to our center where our intention resides. Upon arriving at the center we light our candle and light our intention with the fire. With reverence we carefully make our way back out from the center of our souls and the spiral and we gently place our lit candle within the spiral. In the end the spiral is lit up, from the darkness comes the light, with all of our intentions.

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