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New energy on the planet

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New energy on the planet

My Eclipse Experience of being showered with New Energy

During the last full moon lunar eclipse period I was completely exhausted. I realized it was energetic but was to “in it” to know exactly what was happening. I had to rest, a lot. Somehow, I got a lot of creative and personal work done even though it felt like I was moving through quicksand. The quicksand feeling, I am now realizing, was the energy upgrade which increased the frequency and speed of existence and I was still integrating that with reality so reality seemed heavy and slow. This upgrade had the largest impact on my endocrine system and completely changed my hormones and my second chakra went through a complete overhaul. I revisited my pregnancy from 1999 when I was still in the beginning of my ascension process and many of the physical sensations of the pregnancy and birth. I feel like I am pregnant and have several symptoms that are identical to the symptoms I had during my first pregnancy. My second chakra feels like it completely was shut down and rebooted. It was down for at least 8-9 days and was just rebooted today. I also noticed a shift in my channeling of information, it came through in a much more clear and to the point way. Now this doesn’t sound that different from what I usually do, if you are a client of mine you know what I am talking about. But it is different. It is a whole other layer of staying on task and the task is love. Here is what a fellow ascension healer has said about the endocrine system…” I discovered that the endocrine system not only gives you your psychic abilities, it also regulates the production of hormones in your system and hormones regulate just about every function in your body including your emotions, weight, body temperature, libido, mental acuity, concentration, sight, etc. Hormones tell the other cells of the body what to do. If some hormones are deficient, the cells that rely on them don’t function properly.” “Based on this information, I began to wonder if emotional clearing was in someway connected to FM and CFS. During emotional clearing the endocrine glands (hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal, adrenals and gonads) are greatly stressed through the triggering of deep-seated fears and repressed memories. When we experience emotional or physical stress our hormone production becomes erratic. When this occurs on a continuous basis as with emotional clearing, some hormones are nearly wiped out and others are over produced and we experience the corresponding symptoms, i.e., weight gain, aching joints and muscles, short-term memory loss, persistent fatigue, low-grade fevers, word searching, etc. In other words we develop FM and/or CFS or develop the same symptoms.” “It appears that we attract solutions to our symptoms and are guided to those practitioners and therapies that complete the healing process as we clear the associating beliefs and patterns. So there is relief for our ascension symptoms.” Jelaila Starr. She goes on to speak a lot about Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatique Syndrome, or as I call them Ascension symptoms so if you are interested go to her page. http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/solutions_for_ascension_symptoms. Here is another one of my eclipse experiences I blogged about in July, 2011. http://www.willowtreewellness.org/2011/07/walk-this-way/

What does the New Science say about this?

As new energy enters this planet we receive it first as an energy vibration through our new ascension chakras which act as an antenna system to receive the new information. Then from the chakras and aura it creates a new blueprint for the other layers of the aura and the physical body. The body then begins to read the new biological and energetic blueprint and create a new biology utilizing the endocrine system which sends out all of the information to the rest of the body. I believe this is related to and maybe just the same as what biologist Rupert Sheldrake calls Morphogentic Fields. These new fields of energy are entering the planet from the cosmos and are impacted by planetary alignments. Each planet has an energy signature and a morphic field. A morphic field is a field of energy information that when we receive it in our energy body and in our cells, we change. “Einstein said the field is the sole governing agency of matter. Fields of energy dictate the behavior of everything – from subatomic particles to massive planets. When you see a sudden change in an energy system, it will cause a sudden change to an ecosystem.” (Conscious Life News). The earth is an eco-system and so is each human being. “Sereda also pointed out that the human body has an electromagnetic field that can be affected by activity on the sun, as well as energies coming from the galactic center, as the Earth moves through it. Fields of energy have either chaos or harmonic information inside of it. According ot Sereda, if these energy fields that are coming in from the galactic center contain harmonic information, then there is absolutely no doubt that you can scientifically prove that it is causing a consciousness shift on this planet and will continue to do so through 2012.”(Conscious Life News)

“One of the theories of 2012 is that we are going to receive this new energy that will cause a shift in consciousness and it will affect everything on the planet – including the planet itself. Bruce Lipton (Biologist and author of Biology of Belief) has said that consciousness tells energy to tell the DNA what to do. Your genes are not your blueprint. Consciousness is your blueprint. Therefore, it is likely that along with a shift in consciousness, our DNA will be upgraded. A worldwide consciousness expansion is happening now and will continue through 2012, which is now confirmed by science and the events that are currently unfolding around the world.”(Conscious Life News) http://consciouslifenews.com/scientific-proof-galactic-energies-triggered-worldwide-consciousness-expansion/114819/

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