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Eclipses, planetary alignments, huge incoming vibrational realignments and upgrades and now the numerological event 12/12/12. How much more can we assimilate?? At times the energy has been so intense, it may be all that we can do to function in our day to day lives and that was perfect if it kept us in the present moment. Polarity, black and white, aggression and chaos are just not working the way they used to….wooo hooo! We are shedding all the garbage and learning that it is all about being love, being neutral and first and foremost being our authentic selves. When we are all of these things we are free and that is the energy that the 12/12/12 portal is birthing. The ascended light bearers among us will hold a frequency that allows others to be able to shift into the frequency of love and freedom. Once that critical mass is reached the love with spread across humanity like the 100th monkey effect.

When the portal opens on 12/12/12 at 12:12pm in whatever time zone you are in be in a position of readiness, prepare yourself before hand and open yourself to receive and transmit love. Light workers that have reached the point in ascension where they are able to transmit a high frequency or activate others should be available, fully ground and embodied, in the present and ready to absorb and transmit the new frequency to humanity and all life on earth.

The new frequency, as the others we have been receiving will affect our light bodies, if you have a light body awareness and by this I mean, you feel or sense your aura, your chakras or you aware when you are being transmitted new frequencies you are sure to feel this. Be aware that it will integrate into your aura and chakras first opening up new abilities and awarenesses making access to other realms effortless. The new energy will continue on into the blue print of your physical body, your very DNA, nervous system and brain. Whatever energies in whatever dimensions resonate with your new higher frequency will be available to you, easily.

This is a time where everything aligns, where the beginning meets with the now, where all of the you’s that exist and have existed merge in full awareness.

As always the new frequencies come from the Galactic Heart and are transmitted through the Sun. In the merging of time, there is also a merging of the Galactic Heart with the Sun, eliminating polarity and duality by merging. This is unity consciousness. It is freedom, it is love, it is being your authentic self while being merged with unity consciousness.

All of this is being supported by the morphic fields of energy intelligence we call planets. I am not an astrology expert but I am a huge fan! I know from my own experience with the planets, eclipses, full moons and different planetary alignments that the alignments during the next couple of weeks will create a powerful vortex of energy directed at earth. There will be an alignment of our sun with what some call the central sun. I imagine that all the morphic fields of each dimension merge into one huge vortex of a new morphic field bringing all energy, wisdom, information into one field that is available as never before.

Release all expectations, we cannot know how anything will play out. The most important thing is to remember that dualities and polarities will no longer be supported. Example: my relationship is not working because….fill in the blank with anything other than your own self, your own inner work and love. You will be reminded again and again that you must do your own inner work, nothing no person or thing external from you is the answer. You must love, love, love and it starts with you.

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