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Today! New Super Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Posted in Ascension, Nature Intelligence on Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 at 7:28 pm 1 Comments

November has been forecasted as highly turbulent and transformational with some energies showing up as eruptive (think relationship interaction or explosions of personal growth within).

Within the still moment we receive today with the eclipse, we can take a breath and reflect on the massive amount of clearing and healing we have done in the past few months.  Old agendas, beliefs and illnesses have reappeared to be healed, evaluated and shifted.  Our faith has been tested over and over and we have been reminded again and again to stay neutral, out of reaction and in a grounded centered place of response.

Astrologically there is so much movement of planets and at the same time this sense of looking back or going back because of retrogrades…whew!

Time to let go of the old programs, beliefs, lies, stories, hurts and wounds.  They will not feed your need to step into your personal power, its all in the past, let it stay there.

Open your heart, to yourself first. Love yourself so you can be who you are.  Let others see you and feel you with your heart open and spread love everywhere you go.

Be Well,

Michelle Bellamy

For more incredible information about this month and the eclipse click below.



1 Comments to “Today! New Super Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio”

  1. Stacy Tanner says:

    Awesome words of inspiration, Michelle. Keep ’em coming.

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