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Reaction vs. Response

Posted in Ascension on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 at 2:45 am No Comments

My experience working during this time has been on the first wave of people speaking to me I am able to stay out of reaction and be present in response.  Where I have been getting nailed is when someone is in a state of reaction to me I am getting sucked into the reactionary energy and reacting back instead of being centered and staying in response.  What is the difference?  I am more grounded and centered when it is a first wave relationship interaction, but the second wave comes on a wave of energy that the first doesn’t have.  When the first wave comes, I can withstand the force of the turbulent water but when the second more powerful wave comes with an unstable energy it knocks my feet right out from under me and I am down under the water and in reaction.  What has saved me?  I am realizing fairly quickly, sometimes even just minutes after my reaction what happened and can come back to response and discuss this with whoever the conversation was with.  Each time, I am catching myself sooner and sooner.  It all begins with awareness.  Next I am asking that I can start that awareness when the other party is in reaction and quickly ground and center and reach for a response instead of an instant reaction.

These 2 scenarios look and feel differently to the naked eye and when seeing/feeling it happen energetically.  A reactionary exchange looks like energy being flung back and forth between the people, even with sharp edges, it feels like that too.  Have you ever felt that someones words hit you with an impact you could actually feel in your body?  They do, because everything is energy, especially our words we can feel it.  A response and a reaction between two people would look like one person throwing energy at the other person and it just is neutralized and melts away off the person who is grounded and centered, having great boundaries around their energy body.  Their response is gentle, loving and even kind or very pragmatic and matter of fact without being demeaning or mean spirited and just gently makes its way to the other person either relaxing them or enraging them further because they cannot impact the grounded person.

There are some excellent illustrations of this in Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan and also in the movie Celestine Prophecy that really give a wonderful visual.

There was also a great post by Power Path on Reaction in the month of September http://www.thepowerpath.com/index.php/power-path-home/the-power-path/monthly-forecast/478-september-forecast-2012

Be grounded, loving and neutral.

Be Well!

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