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This Season’s Children

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This Season’s Children

A new awareness crackles behind the eyes of children…A new generation of little flowers rises through the melting snows of former centuries.  They lift their heads now, like crocuses, tulips, daffodils, blooming to speak to their elders of a better way.

Be gentle with them, these literal flowers of your love.  Do not crush them beneath the ceilings of windowless schools that bury them in facts they cannot understand without the natural light of spirit.  Let me move beyond the established corridors of historical ways, into the sunlight and open air of new meaning and new experience.  Use your centers of learning, your school systems, to assist them in doing what no human generation has ever before done: Help them to blossom into all they can be—sure of themselves, confident in the wisdom, the life that lives within them.

Give your children the tools of your cultures as you would give paint and canvas to an artist.  But do not tell them what to draw.  Help them learn to express themselves in terms meaningful to them and to those in the world around them.  Offer them skills to help express themselves more fully. The self this generation expresses in uninhibited creativity is the Great Self, which seeks birth into your world.  As you help your children to better express themselves, do not make them feel that they are incomplete without your training, that they are partial beings in need of years of academic processing to be whole or satisfied with themselves…but preserve their inherent confidence in themselves, for this is how they show their confidence in God.

A child’s level of confidence is a major factor in determining his or her future success. The preservation of a child’s native esteem is far more important that the acquisition of technical skills.  Many of these little ones have not forgotten the Great Being who shines through the filter of their individuality. Your role is to help them grow in such a way that they do not forget. Assist in the incarnation of the eternal spirits who dance above their lives.

When you first see their beauty and perfection, when you affirm their eternal reality of being, when you see it in their eyes, you cannot help but draw it forth. Bring out the best in them and in all whom you encounter…Help this new generation to awaken.


Ken Carey

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