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Vortex of Mist on the Lake

Posted in Nature Intelligence on Thursday, September 27th, 2012 at 8:52 pm 1 Comments

This morning I took to my little lake after my cup of tea, I got on my paddle board with my pup Bruno.  It has been beautiful this week in the mornings, there has been a very magical mist that rises up off the water and I love to paddle around watching it shift and move before my eyes.  I was just about to come back to the dock and in a very meditative state when suddenly in front of me the mist took on the shape of a vortex.  This startled me completely and hasn’t left my thoughts all day.

A vortex is a swirling mass of water, air or fire.  Examples would be whirlpools, tornadoes, black holes and chakras.  A chakra is a vortex of energy that is part of the body energetics.  It is also defined as “something regarded as drawing into its powerful current everything that surrounds it” www.dictionary.com.  How might we be drawn into a vortex in our daily life?  Into a drama vortex?  How do we avoid being pulled into a powerful current that we want to avoid?  You stay clear of it!  You don’t drive your car toward a tornado, you stay out of its path.  That is protecting your boundary by staying out of the powerful energy field or vortex.  People sometimes speak to me that they get pulled into situations or conversations with other people that drains them of time and energy.  Imagine how a tornado leaves a path of destruction behind when it rips and tears at the earth and takes what it will into the heart of its vortex.  We need to remember we let ourselves be swept into it by not securing our boundaries and distancing ourselves.

On a positive note, we want our chakras operating well, spinning the way they should and moving energy constantly to be healthy, we can feel or sense this if we tune into it.  We can connect with other peoples chakras and add something vital and life enhancing, we can be pulled up into a higher vibration by being exposed to another persons frequency and we can connect on a deeply spiritual and energetic level by consciously moving energy from our chakras to anothers….this is done in the practice of tantra.

So what was that little vortex of mist trying to show me?  Since, I have just been revisiting chakra readings and boundaries I feel I have been provided a lesson in both!

1 Comments to “Vortex of Mist on the Lake”

  1. Amber says:

    Chakra readings?
    Next thing for me to google :)

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