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As often happens, synchronicity delivered this article to me and due to the similarity and resonance to yesterday’s post I thought I would share it!!

Warriors of the Light
by Clare Evans

“…surrender is not giving up, it is allowing the natural flow of your life, your energy, your being to take its natural course…”

The topic for today is conscience, consciousness and consistency. Never, in the lifespan of humankind have these three things been so important. Awakening is beginning now.

Evolving eternal movement and progression – stars are aligning, planets juxtaposing, souls enlightening, it is time.

A shift in consciousness is now upon us, we all feel it in some way, big or small, a niggle in the back of our minds, or a wallop of change and experience, it is different for all of us, and felt very much in the spirit worlds as well as around the Universe. Earth’s actions do not just affect Mother Earth, and humankind are far from alone in their endeavours, be they ‘good’ or ‘bad’. So consciousness is required here, the ability to be aware of our actions and the greater consequences.

Awareness of life, of our ability to change events, how our actions affect the worlds, not just ourselves.

The old protest of ‘how can one person make a difference’ or ‘what does it matter if I do this one little thing, whom can it hurt’ no longer apply – every action affects the whole, and we are feeling this daily as our connections expand.

So consciousness, an awakening consciousness is called for, for all people, and those around us. It is time to live up to what our conscience desires, man needs to act, fairly and in good time, to adjust his own life and better that of those around him. In so doing, the whole of humanity will progress at an accelerated rate, lighter and with more love and understanding.

By this I mean that as our aspirations grow spiritually, our load is lightened, as is our energy signature, our whole ‘imprint’ in the universe is raised in vibration, and our abilities spiritually will grow and grow.

We are becoming what we once were, enlightened beings, with the power to do good, to love, to heal, to share, to promise, to reward, to grow, to evolve, to Be, in love and honesty and grace, to look after this world, in faith; harmoniously and in love. Once a battlefield, Mother Earth will once more become a playing field – a place of laughter and growth, of fun and frolics, of learning and sharing. And how to do this?

Honesty, with self, an abundance of love for others, an ability to see beyond the now, the Me, the everyday worries and concerns, and to trust in surrender, that everything will be right. This sounds unlikely, I know, but surrender is not giving up, it is allowing the natural flow of your life, your energy, your being to take its natural course.

To find its way in this world, to lead you where you wanted to go, to take you on your path, to meet those people you are destined to meet, in other words, to surrender to the flow of your nature, in harmony with your very own energy, is to stop fighting for your conception of the world, and to start living in it, to relax and have the easy life, to say ‘okay – I will listen, I will learn, I will follow my instincts.

I will take a leap of faith, I will journey along life’s highway not knowing where it will take me, but knowing that the direction is true, the course steady, and it is all that I have asked for and desired before I came to this world, all I wanted for my own progression and development, all I needed to improve as a person, to become whole, to evolve with and as part of humanity.

This life is a very special one for I chose it in a time of great change upon this earth, a time of strife, and hardship and pain, and it has not been easy, but now I know that it is for good reason, just cause’. And feel the burdens fall away, the shoulders relax, the footsteps become easier, yet somehow more connected to the earth, the steps surer, the way clearer, and know, know, that this is what faith is – trust yourself, your inner guidance, your very own energy signature.

You know when this is in balance, you know when you are totally attuned to the universe – when you sit in perfect stillness, yet alive with every cell.

Sit now and feel – it is one thing to be aware of yourself in the universe, but can you find that signature, that particular tune that is your song, that wave that is yours, resonating throughout the Universe, throughout dimensions. Find yourself and harmonise with this vibration.

To be conscious of this, to be attuned to this, to your very Self in all its essence is to find the way forward, balanced and open for answers, for experience, for growth, for change. If we all knew ourselves in this way, what a rapid speeding up in evolution there would be, and so much better communication, with each other, with us in the spirit world, with beings all over the universe.

To truly know your own energy signature, is to more easily recognise that of others, to connect automatically, particly, to see, feel, hear your signature, perhaps a colour, or a note, or just an energy, and to then become aware of the others around you, and to build deeper more meaningful connections on a truly harmonious soul level.

It is written in the stars, so the saying goes, now expand your mind cosmically, understand that you and Mother Earth are all just tiny particles in the Universe, just frequencies with space in between, instances of light that can blend and mix with other light, to know, to become fuller, more knowledgeable, more expanded in mind and spirit – now is the time for cosmic knowledge, ancient timeless knowledge, for what is time outside the boundaries of space, everything that is and ever was is reachable now by this method of expansion – all the old skills; travel beyond the stars, inconceivable knowledge of other planets, other dimensions, the old ways, the ancient ways from before man ever walked the earth, and yet spirit was alive. Remember, and connect.

Consciousness takes on a whole new meaning in this light, and here plays the part of conscience, of that inner feeling of what is right and wrong, what is a good thing to do and what is not, what you really shouldn’t have done, and what you lament having missed.

Here is the time to try, for the evolvement of mankind, to try to really Be in this world, to understand the energy of every action, the consequences. And the more you tune in to your energy signature, to the universe, to your guides, guardians, ancestors and helper friends, the more finely attuned your conscience will become, you will, in fact, begin to predict the consequences of actions, or words, or glances, in all their subtlety, before the action has been performed – not on the usual level of a debate in the mind, but as a split second feeling, a knowing, an argument with Self that has been finished before it has begun, you will just know if a course of action, or expression of words is in tune with your signature, if it is really, truly, who you are and what you think, or whether it is ego talking, self-interest, manipulation, or greed.

Not that these things don’t have their place, there is reason for all, but to be conscious of your conscience on an elevated level, more finely attuned, where the topics of debate are more subtle, have more consequences, even things that you cannot predict, or are unaware of, but know, surely and soundly, that a particular phrase or action from yourself is the right one – something that on ground level would have no answer, you just ‘felt’ it to be right.

This is what this tuning in is all about – about actions and words that are in keeping with your signature, your own balance, your own harmony, this is a new and improved level of being in balance, of being true to your true self, and yet at the same time learning who this Self is, to naturally allow it to flow, and in so doing progress you on your path – surrender is merely to open the door to the true self, to allow your full spirit to work through you, in conjunction with others that you have chosen. And in this way, man evolves.

Consistency is also a factor here. You cannot pick and chose when to listen to yourself and when not to – to do this is to send your soul on a roller coaster ride, at one point up, then down, then all around – this is not harmony, it merely touches it at a middle point!

A whole evolvement of character is called for here, and no, it is not an easy path, yet must be walked to be transformed. You can do it, you know this deep inside, you would not be stood here contemplating it if you could not, you would not have come here and met with this challenge on this earth, at this time, if it was not what you knew you could do.

There is a duty here, a responsibility, for those who can, to do! And like the first creatures crawling out of the sea lead the way for evolution into man (and so many other species), so it is now our turn to lead the way into a new world, to light the way, to act as example, to show, to teach, to learn from others, and for you to put out your hand and help others up, as we try so often to do for you.

They will come once the way is lit, humanity is desperate for evolution, and though many will fall by the wayside, the true of heart will lead the others through.

I do not mean by this that there is some Valhalla on the other side, I am not speaking of spaceships and absolution and white light, of the rescued few forming another race, of the favoured becoming saints, of cults being right all along – of course not (though within each of these subjects there are tiny elements of truth and history, each with their own fascinating lessons – for another day!)

I’m speaking of an adjustment of perspective, of shifts in energy, of an awakening of different parts of the brain, an acknowledgement of eternal being, of mans place within the universe, an awakening of skill, of telepathy, of travel, inter-dimensionally.

A new era for humankind that is lighter, more giving, more in tune with all life, where people know themselves, know why they came here, and are truly in tune with that which makes them tick.

This world can put an end to war, can help revive the planet, can heal with ‘miracles’ that suddenly seem so simple, we once were Warriors of the Light, it is now time to pick up that mantle yet again, and to rise with the growing consciousness of Mother Earth, to harmonise with her shifts and changes, with the shifts and changes occurring in the Universe, to be as one – our own signature, yet uniquely connected to everyone and everything.

The new world is a new consciousness, a new way of viewing, of being, of loving, of healing – and it is for everyone. This is not a time for preaching (was there ever a time?), for lofting your views, for talking airy fairy ‘psychic’ magic – we all have the ability, we always have, we always will, the difference is that now the energies are right for us all to grow – and our job (our being anyone reading this for you have found your way here), our job is to assist by first looking at our selves, by harmonising to who we truly are, and by doing that finding our own path, our own attunement and balance – not in moments of workshop, or trance, or candlelit sage wafted meditation (I speak to my own medium here), but in everyday life, in being attuned at every moment – an awareness.

As consciousness expands you will know your own energy so well that the old issues of ‘open and closed’ and ‘protection’ will become less and less relevant, you will naturally be a shining light, and in true harmony, nothing can penetrate that – nevertheless you will be aware, at even the distance approach of harm, from whatever dimension, and able much more quickly to dispatch/heal/or send it on before it comes half as close as was previously possible.

So it all begins with Self, your awareness, your consciousness. And then your conscience, that tuning in so as every move is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ by feeling, knowing, instinct – you don’t know why something is right, you just know, in your gut, and this is your truth.

Inspire others, not formally, not loudly, not in headlines (although this works too!), but by your very nature, your Being in the world, your consistent honouring of your truth.

And this is the final step – consistency, it is not always easy, and we all make mistakes, even in the spirit world!

But try to be true, and if you find yourself out of kilter, then realign yourself, find that harmony once more, draw energy from that place of balance, from the universe itself, and let any mistake go, do not dwell on it, but move on, and regain the calm, the true, the You.

This is how the Shift will work, this is what 2012 is all about. The shifts are planetary, for Mother Earth it has already begun, for those of you who tune into her energy, you are already noticing the differences, indeed it would be hard to miss them.

We are all feeling the effects in some way, life is not easy for anyone right now, but if you tune in and find your flow you will no longer be fighting against the tide. The current, your current, will take you on your journey through the universal sea of consciousness, to the next level, the next place, and that journey is what you came here to do.

It is no accident that we are shifting at the same time as Mother Earth – it is called for, it is necessary, for us all to live in harmony, connected – and who knows what the future holds, what boundaries there will be if any, the scope for transformation is unlimited, the possibilities for humankind manifold.

So encourage, explain, be subtle, be honest, be true and explain your truth to others, they do not have to agree, but perhaps a spark of what you say will ring true for them and set them off to find their own signature, their own harmony, perhaps subconsciously – you may never know the effect you will have, but by being conscious, by making friends with conscience, and by being consistent, you will have done all you can for your own development, expansion, and future, as well of that of humankind.

And on that note, be well my friends, be love, be laughter, and be Self, the time is now, the light is in your hands, Shine.



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