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There is a wealth of wonderful information out there on the Venus transit.  Live web cams, articles, breaking down the math and sacred geometry and more.  But I just loved this that my friend Audrey sent me and wanted to share it.  It especially resonated with me because yesterday my daughter Madison brought up the need to bring into physically and manifest a new educational paradigm and curriculum.  Her vision is that all the ages of kids in our group from 5-13 and even the highschoolers will learn the same content but at their own level.  I was also asked to provide a broad strokes of addressing the Venus Transit and break it down into subject categories like science, art, music, math and language arts.  I decided that this was in large part Madison’s life path and so as I sat down to accomplish this task and called upon her to collaborate with me.  Some highlights of the conversation were, “Mom! you are so inside of the box, that won’t work! Madison then proceeded to create a rhythm, structure or schedule for the day that was in the shape of a circle!!


Here is the yummy info I devoured this morning!  Thanks Audrey!

*Venus Transit* The Return of the Feminine

“…While you can be sure the Venus transit will deliver your destiny to you, it’s a good idea to keep your channel as clear as you can.  All transmissions to the universe carry more potent impact now.  Set deliberate intention.  Stay conscious and focused.  What do you want for yourself?  AFFIRM it.  The rise of the solar feminine offers you an exceptional opportunity to bear witness to your creative potential, to demonstrate yourself as the divine co-creator you are and have always been.”

This is considered a rare astronomical event because we only experience a Venus Transit every 121.5 or so years. One of the many magical things about this is that the path that Venus takes between the first transit and the second (8 years) makes a perfect five pointed star (pentagram).

The symbolism of this and the spiritual significance of Venus, which has represented love and harmony for numerous cultures, is abundant. This Venus Transit was a highly anticipated cosmic event by the Ancient Maya who saw this as a mark point in time that would herald the great shift leading up to 12-21-12.

So what does this all mean for us?

We are entering a new era, the Divine Feminine is rising, coming forth within each one of us to heal and  bring into right balance and right relation our planetary family. We are moving into HEART-based living! Feminine qualities (venus, moon) are going to transcend into wholeness and integration those of the masculine (the sun).  The Feminine is rising and coming into the forefront to bring unity consciousness forth. Can’t you see it and feel it? There are signs everywhere.

So here is the gathered gems from some of the best readers of the stars to inform and illuminate us during these cosmic events:

First, a fantastic article from Rose Marcus and her Astrolink website. First a technical description of what it is and then we will get the details about what the significance is:

“The Venus/Earth orbital 3/2 ratio replicates the perfect symmetry we know as the Golden Mean. The 2/3 ratio of a Venus day to an Earth year replicates the harmonic interval known as the perfect musical fifth (3.2), which is considered as the most universally harmonic consonant. This frequency is received as most pleasing sound to the ear, and evokes a pleasing/welcoming emotional response…”

“Over an eight year period, the retrograde cycles of Venus around the sun forms the shape of the pentagram, the five pointed star. The measurement between each retrograde peak is a 72 degree mathematical aspect called the Quintile. To astrologers, the quintile’s influence is one of creative transformation, which is exactly the meaning that has been projected onto December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar. Please remember that the Mayan Calendar was based on Venus cycles.”

“Many consider the momentous Venus in Gemini transit in June, 2012 as a key marker of a new 2600 year cycle of humanity.  This Earth/Venus/Sun alignment has been suggested to symbolize the re-activation of the Solar Feminine.”

“What does that mean? In short, it suggests the energizing of the feminine creator in her one-ness or all-ness. The solarised feminine creator is all encompassing.”

“Just as woman gives birth to both genders, the rise of the solar feminine creator suggests a rebirth of the consciousness of our whole selves. Together in unison, yin and yang are transitioning into a major realignment chapter. Gemini correlates to blended diversity. True androgyny is the highest state of spiritual evolution.”

“We are leaving behind the polarization that has been built over this last cycle, the age of the patriarchy. In this last chapter of collective evolution, we have come to create existing reality and our understanding of god consciousness as one over the other, rather than one with the other. We have separated ourselves from Gaia, from one another, from ourselves. We have created a reality of superiority and inferiority rather than one of co-creative, equality existence.”

“We are coming to the end of reality as it is, but as we do, there comes one last blast from the past. The finish of the previous cycle and the seeding of a new one are overlapping. As we observe what is manifesting throughout our contemporary reality, it is obvious that the creative juice of the old paradigm has not quite reached its saturation point. It is still building. Eventually the momentum will reach a tipping point, collapse in on itself and necessitate the transformation we are ready for….”

“Venus correlates to the principle of relatedness, relationship, and relativity. Like attracts like; how we feel inwardly, how we resonate and energize from within, this then becomes the basis of our magnetic force-field. We create and materialize from this energy source. Venus is fertile and fertilizing. She creates and she perpetuates….”

“On June 5/6 2012, there will be a significant energy surge transmitted between our creator consciousness and instinctual desires. The creative potency is so dynamic, it is compelling enough to turn the conceptual into the reality, to bring that which we are resonating with into being.   Simply whatever it is that we have evaluated as most desirable and necessary for our continuance and survival is brought to the fore.”

“We now face a critical impact moment along our evolutionary time-line. Destiny can show up in terms of life events and opportunities, or it can draw key people into our life. It is forceful enough to create a momentous shift in our awareness and therefore, our reality base.”

“If you don’t witness a pivotal circumstance occur in your private life on the actual Venus event date, please note that the potency of these transits are already operative and that they will continue to extend over a period of time. In fact, you have been working on this key calling-forth destiny chapter for some time now. Rarely does one realize the full importance of the experience as it is happening. Hindsight reflection will attest to the fact that this is no ordinary moment in time….”

“In addition to the rise of the solar feminine, this rare and momentous Venus in Gemini transit is also a statement for the transfer of the batons of hope, faith, and of creative redesign to our youth. We need to gift them the future, not to rob them of it. Their active presence, contribution, and voice are needed at the helm in order to lead the collective to where it needs to go.”

“The youth of 1960’s raised their voice when Uranus and Pluto conjoined. Now Uranus and Pluto are aligned again, by the more urgent square angle aspect this time. Without a doubt, we, the collective, have come to a decisive pivot point. The message is pulsing more insistently now, how do we get it across? Watch for more social contagion, it is catching on. There will be more vocalizing and rising up, more movements, protests, and active rebellion. The Occupy movement will continue to mutate and to gather momentum….”

“…While you can be sure the Venus transit will deliver your destiny to you, it’s a good idea to keep your channel as clear as you can.  All transmissions to the universe carry more potent impact now.  Set deliberate intention.  Stay conscious and focused.  What do you want for yourself?  AFFIRM it.  The rise of the solar feminine offers you an exceptional opportunity to bear witness to your creative potential, to demonstrate yourself as the divine co-creator you are and have always been.”

Copyright © 2012 Rose Marcus, All Rights Reserved

Nick Anthony Fiorenza also some beautiful insight on the spiritual significance in terms of the heart chakra and intricate details and diagrams about the technicalities of this Venus transit on his site Lunar Planner. Here is an excerpt:

“The astrophysical resonances of Venus govern the heart bio-energy centre (chakra), and the thymus, which is the neurological control center for the immune system. The heart chakra is our centre of intuitive knowing, harmony, magnetic attraction, that which we value, love, romance, and sexual rapture. It is where we find our capacity for compassion and appreciation of beauty….”

“Venus (and the heart chakra), when mature and clear, expresses love in art and beauty, with a wonderful capacity for unconditional acceptance of all conditions–true, non-judgmental love. The unconditionally open heart receives and expresses love that is harmoniously balanced.”

“Mature Venus is open to new experience, is courageous, optimistic, and aware of soul intent and purpose–as the unconditionally open heart is where soul fully radiates its light. Mature Venus is also sociable, fashionable, artistic, good willed, benevolent, diplomatic, and magnetically sensuous. Venus is also of wealth and resources and plays a prominent role in financial matters and the flow of money….”

“Five is the number of the incarnate human–making possible the ascension from the lower quarternary world–that is, from the cyclic and temporal boundaries of space and time. The Way is through the Passage of the Heart.”


“This near perfect harmonic resonance between the Venus day, the Venus year, and Earth’s year is one of the astrophysical dynamics creating the gentle and harmonious astrological character of Venus. Thus, we have 5 synodic cycles and 12 Venusian days occurring in 8 Earth years creating a near perfect Venus-Earth synergy.”

“An interesting numerological technique is to explore the ratio between the Product and the Sum of a set of numbers:

The Product: 12 x 8 x 5 = 480.
The Sum: 12 + 8 + 5 = 25

The Product / The Sum = 480 / 25 = 19.2″

Qabalistic Numerology defines 192 as the the Divine Mother number. The mother element (the first element) is Hydrogen, from which life proceeds, fuel of the Sun; embodiment of the Divine Mother Principle.”

“The Arithmetic Reduction of 192 is 12, the Hebrew number Lamed, which corresponds to the sign of Libra – the astrological domicile of Venus.”

“The Venus Day / Earth Year harmonic interval is 2/3, the perfect musical fifth (3:2), the most universally consonant (pleasing to the ear and emotionally peaceful) harmonic and most durative (strong and long lasting compared to other harmonics which subside before the fifth). The Earth Venus pentagonal harmonic is 5/8, the sixth (8:5). The sixth emotionally invokes the concept of joy or natural innocence…”

“What are frequencies and how do planets express them? Think of a frequency (or wave) as the exchange of energy between polarities (from one element back to the other element)–how the energy moves… “

“…Planetary waves, for example, exist between a planet’s orbit and the point around which it orbits (orbital period), or between its circumference and its center, just to name two of many planetary waves. We also have the relationship between one wave and another wave: for example, the wave created by the Venusian day and Earthian year; or between the Venus year and Earth year. Wave relationships are harmonic or musical intervals, and there are a variety of musical intervals, that is, wave relationships, all with unique qualities. Some are harmonious and some not so.”

“The more harmony (concordance) the more attraction there is–like between two people–and the more discordance, the more repulsion. Planets and our entire star system of planets compose a variety of musical chords (combinations of frequencies and their harmonic intervals) all continually changing as the ever-changing dance of the planets compose a majestic symphonic expression–the Music of the Spheres.”

“The most famous work exploring the “Music of the Spheres” is that published in 1619 by Johannes Kepler in his “Harmonices Mundi…”

“When enough of us, as individuals, express in the relationship of unconditional love, then we, as a planet, will express the resonance of unconditional love, and then we will graduate from the bounds of discord, quarantined and separate from the universe around us, and graduate into the majesty of extraterrestrial awareness–into the awareness of cosmic-God-consciousness.”


“Venus transits always come in pairs. The second passage of Venus across the Sun’s disc takes place on June 6, 2012. The eight-year period in between represents a “doorway” through which Unity consciousness will come to dominate the mass consciousness of the Earth. Since this is a 130-year cycle, there are few humans alive today who have experienced this transit, yet it can be seen that every time this transit has taken place in human history, it has represented a new level of harmonization on the planet. It is interesting to note that the Taj Mahal, one of the greatest monuments to Love in human history, was built during the Venus Transit of 1631-1639 AD.”

“This current “doorway of Venus” is especially significant because it remains open until 2012 AD, the completion our current cycle of human evolution. Some refer to this date as the end of linear time, or as the end of a period of human consciousness conditioned by separation and duality. The Mayans refer to this time as the Return of Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, and look to this eight-year doorway as the timeframe within which the mass enlightenment of humanity will take place….”

“Let us come together during this time in gatherings throughout the world to celebrate love and beauty, light and unity. Let us work with these expansive cosmic energies to anchor them deep into the heart of Earth Mother, deep into the human collective consciousness. Let us translate these energies into art, economics, culture, politics, education and ecology. Let us bring transformation into every field of human endeavor.  Let us pray, each in our own way, for the emergence of the Golden Age, for enlightenment for all, for peace, healing, and beauty on the planet!  Let us pray for the unity of humankind.”

Enjoy this magical time. Take time to honor the Divine Feminine within.


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