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May and the Super Moon of Committement

Posted in Nature Intelligence on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 at 4:35 pm 2 Comments

This month has been filled to the brim, I have gone from crushing depression and intense relationship issues to dreams coming true!  I have suffered physically with unexplained rashes and respiratory illness as well.   I found this months May forecast very helpful and resonant with my personal experience and thought I would share it.  This is written by Lena Stevens of The Power Path www.thepowerpath.com

What is commitment?

Commitment is removing the back door, the escape route and the words “if”, “maybe” and “when” from your vocabulary. Commitment is moving into your future with no turning back and no escape hatch. Commitment is eliminating the worry and anxiety that comes with ambivalence, doubt, consideration and “too many thinking”. Commitment is a natural segway of any bid for power. A bid for power without a proper commitment to launch it is not a serious bid for power.

So April’s energy brought in a bid for power and that is what Lena is referring to here.  My bid for power included asking for and committing to finding a dream home.  In addition, I also committed to finishing my website and launching it by May 22, 2012, a huge thing for me on many levels.  Here is a statement I wrote on April 2, 2012 before I even read Lena’s April forecast.  I was working through the Perelandra Soil-Less Garden steps that we were studying in our Jai Seed Kids homeschool group, this is from a journal we each made.  The children also wrote statements that were bids for power.  My daughter Madison also wrote hers on finding a new house.  Here is mine.  Click on the image to enlarge it.

In blue was my bid for power, I left out that I wanted to live on a lake because I thought it would be impossible within the zip codes we were looking at.  The insights portion was what I wrote after meditation and just letting words or images come in.  Those words came from Spirit.

There are two types of Commitment: Commitment that is unconscious and manifested by your actions rather than what you verbally intend, and commitment that is consciously and deliberately planned for and chosen. The unconscious commitment is the one you may not be aware of but everyone else is by your actions around it.

I experienced a lack of commitment or an unconscious commitment in the relationship arena that was very painful. The words above were very potent when I read them during that relationship trial.  So much growth comes from relationship trials.

True commitment is unconditional, something we are not used to having or working with. Conditions create the “ifs”, “whens”, and “maybes” in our vocabulary. Placing conditions on your bid for power waters down the commitment to it and is like putting only your big toe in the water when you really intended to take a swim. Hesitancy, doubt, confusion, ambivalence, worry, anxiety, fear and mistrust, all take their toll on your ability to commit to something cleanly and clearly.

Look at your life and see if you can identify the commitments you find yourself in due to either taking action or not taking action. If you can’t in good conscience choose them as conscious commitments you have work to do.

I realized that if I was really committed to buying a new house that I needed to act like it, I had really been putting my toe in the water.  As I shifted to an action mode, things began to happen very quickly.  I told the girls we should start going through our things because we would be moving and we should act like we will be moving.

Communication is a big issue and the lack of it tends to keep things very messy especially in relationships. If you are in any relationship where you know there are assumptions from the other person that you are not willing to agree or commit to, but they remain unspoken, it is time to bring them to the surface and tell the truth. It is usually fear of being alone or disappointing the other that keeps this messy unspoken situation going on for far too long. This is the month of growing up and becoming an adult, telling the truth and taking your bids for power very seriously. Relationships are the point of growth for most people, be it relationship with self, with a partner, family member, or work colleague, therefore most bids for power and most commitments will involve at least one relationship. Don’t be afraid to communicate your bid for power and your commitment. If you are secretive and unwilling to share, it means you have doubts. If you have doubts you are not 100 percent committed. Either work those doubts out and commit, or make a change or adjustment to your bid.

For me, I experienced the deep need for truth telling and also realized that I was not feeling free to really be who I was, I was hiding a part of myself that perhaps others would not find acceptable.  I realized that I wasn’t being honest if I did that.

People have different styles of communication. Depending on your style, you may have an easier or a more difficult time. Those who have the intellectual trap may find it more difficult to commit without conditions and reservations. Those who are emotionally centered have an easier time with the emotional clarity that true bids for power need to be authentic. Whatever your style, communication should be addressed this month as a way to clean up messy commitments.

Major spring cleaning in the communication arena!

Consciously chosen commitments are different in that they follow consciously chosen bids for power and are thought about and planned for. If your bid for power is about getting a better job or a bigger house then your commitment would be to do whatever it takes to accomplish that. You commit to leaving your current position or home in order to move into a better situation. You don’t say ” I will move if and when and maybe”, you decide for certain that you will be making the change and then give the timing over to spirit. Giving timing over to spirit is not being ambivalent it is simply being flexible while still being 100% committed to the end result.

Easier said then done, but I worked it….hard!!  It’s  funny too, because I often have clients that come to work on issues that are similar to my own and as I uttered the words that my client should list her house I realized I needed to take my own advice.

We have many rituals that provide structures for conscious commitment. Marriage, many kinds of contracts from loans to jobs, putting things in writing, study courses and diplomas, initiations into religions, etc. If you enter into a commitment of this kind through one of these rituals, take it seriously and enter into it for yourself, not for someone else. If you find yourself needing to break the commitment for any reason (divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, layoff or quitting a job, dropping out of a program) do it consciously and take full responsibility. Do a ritual around the closure and the ending. If you don’t, you will leave many loose ends that continue to bleed your energy and get in the way for a new bid for power and a new commitment.

With a conscious commitment it is also imperative to be consistent. Be certain and unconditional and communicate that to others. Others will only try and talk you out of a commitment if they feel there is an opening of doubt, confusion, uncertainty, fear or numerous conditions attached to your bid. Spirit recognizes the certainty behind your bid for power through the commitment behind it. Don’t set yourself up for failure so you can be a martyr about it. Be practical, be certain, be committed.

What are the fears that keep people from committing to what they really want?

Fear of success or fear of failure.

Lena goes into more depth on the full report, the link is at the bottom of the page.  In my work with clients and myself I have always found the deeper issue of fear of success or fear of failure to be worthiness.

The challenges this month:

Martyrdom, stubbornness, self deprecation, impatience, hesitancy, doubt, confusion, ambivalence, worry, anxiety, despair, fear and mistrust.


The opportunities this month:

Commitment, certainty, clarity, expansion, abundance, movement, manifestation, direction, support, insight and fulfillment.

Yep. What is amazing is experiencing all of those things in this one month!

How the month shows up:


This is a big month for self reflection and truth telling. What are you committing to unconsciously? Is it what you want? Tell the truth. There is tremendous personal growth possible this month as it supports growing up and taking personal and full responsibility for your life. If you do this you will be of great service to the planet as an example. If everyone were to do this, how the planet would change. It is already happening but we can all help by doing our part and becoming fully responsible. It starts with reviewing your commitments. If you do the work, you should find yourself greatly inspired by a sense of power and the relief that comes from truth and clarity.


This is a biggie and we addressed this quite a bit already. This is a month to clean up relationship commitments, tell the truth, communicate clearly, recommit where needed, change or complete your commitments where necessary and revisit your bids for power regarding relationships. This is a huge area of growth as it may bring up karmic agreements into the picture. It is also an opportunity to work in yourself especially with your personal relationship to your own masculine and feminine energies.

Commitment comes from the masculine. So a lack of commitment or an inability to commit leaves the feminine completely unsupported and weakened in manifesting anything out in the world. This is an opportunity for self-study into your own dynamics of this relationship. The way it manifests in you personally will give you a clue as to how it shows up in all of your relationships.


Review your commitments both unconscious and conscious. Review your relationship to your body and if you find you have bids for power that are unreasonable, adjust them. If you find you should have had a bid for power or made some decision around a physical issue, but have not yet gotten around to it, now would be the time to do it. Some of you spend too much of your time dealing with your physical body. Some of you don’t give it the time of day. Try to find balance this month as a bid for power. Then make a commitment to do what is needed for your health and physical well being.

The physical body may manifest its issues this month through bones, teeth, liver heat, skin rashes, and respiratory challenges. Increase your calcium, cool the liver, eliminate worry and anxiety (too many thinking) and be conscious of the grief of unresolved disappointments that lung issues manifest. It is also a good idea to take an iodine supplement to support the thyroid.

In our family we had teeth (cracked in half and had to be pulled!), liver heat (and pain during a chakra meditation), skin issues and respiratory challenges that were related to grief and unresolved disapointments.


This is an interesting month for projects and business. Bids for power will be tested here and the integrity of your commitments will be crucial to the success of what you wish to manifest. It could be a really great month for support, abundance and great prosperity as long as you are very clear and committed and listening to the right voice (not the voice of egoic fear). Don’t be afraid to adjust your bids for power if they are over reaching what is possible. But don’t limit yourself unnecessarily either. This is why it is important to listen to the right voice.

If your intentions are coming from your heart and what you know is right and you are 100 percent committed, you cannot fail. The key is to give enough flexibility to spirit to choose the right timing and to bring you the support you need. Don’t try and second-guess where the support should come from and be willing to accept the unexpected. This is an exciting time for business and projects. A lot will ride on your relationships so be sure to review which ones are committed and which ones are not. Review your bids for power and adjust or commit as needed.

So, this is really right on for our family.  Madison kept harping on me to look at houses that were way out of our price range.  We had been studying Perelandra and talking to nature intelligence, she repeatedly challenged me and basically told me to practice what I was teaching!!  This is why I ultimately looked at my dream property.  Even my real estate agent said, this is way over your price range but I will take you if you want.  My answer….Madison wants me to!  What happened?  I fell in love with it, my husband fell in love with it, we asked my Mom if she would buy it with us and live with us, she fell in love with it.  We are all fully committed to making it work.  I saw my Mom who is usually extremely over cautious and never feel completely comfortable and committed!  Madison had told me a month or so ago that she wanted a dirt back yard with a fruit orchard.  I was thinking, that is a strange request, this house has it.  My husband and I have always wanted to live on a lake, but we are unable to relocate out of this area because of his job.  We decided to compromise this bid for power and find a rural house until such time as we could move to a lake.  We are both water loving Pisces.  This house is a lake front property.  I didn’t even know there was a lake in this city!  Now granted, we can’t go water skiing on it, but it is private for members only, secluded, you can swim and fish in it!  If you look at the image of my journal entry, I didn’t include being near water even though that was my dream.  Spirit knew my dream whether I wrote it down or not and communicated to me that a house with a lake was in my future in divine time!!  I am really still pinching myself.  Also, because of the support of my mother, this can all be done with increased financial abundance as compared to both our current living situtations!

Spirit also stepped in and helped us with writing an offer of this property.  The owner really seemed to connect with us and I had the feeling he wanted to sell US the house even though he currently had another offer in on it.  He told us what the offer was and what he needed to get out of debt and be able to have a nest egg.  Rather than writing an offer for a small amount more, I felt intuitively the number he needed and that is what we offered.  He also gave us extra time to write our offer and get my mom over to see the property.  When we came back with my mom we really connected with the owners mother who lives there with them in the exact room that my mom will live in.  She told us amazing stories of her life and I laughed and cried.  With any big decisions or trials I always check in with Julia Wolfe, you will find her info in my resource section.  She is a talented astrologer.  We had a short session and she had told me that my mom would love it and we would all be happy, peaceful, and financially abundant.  As we were on the property showing it to my mom I began to relate what Julia had told me to my real estate agent.  Fully showing who I was and what I believed in, being honest and not knowing how she would react.  Before I could finish my mom turned around and walked back to us and said she loved the place, “Let’s do it!”

We went home and wrote up the offer and listed both of our houses.  The next morning the first couple to look at my house bought it.  They have similar energies to the ones we had been cultivating in the home.  They are animal lovers and the husband wants to grow lots of things! Escrow opens today!  I am still waiting to hear back on our offer to our dream home.  I have felt certain since we wrote it that the house is ours.  As the time and waiting get longer I get more anxious.  Writing this blog post and sharing all of this was my therapy for my anxiety and my re-commitment to gratitude and realignment with divine timing.

My mom has experienced several synchronicities, the most major that she had to live in her house for two years before she sold it.  She looked it up last night and she purchased her home June of 2010!  Synchonicities are spirits way of showing you the right way.

May 5: Full Moon is at 9:36 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a super moon, the largest moon of the year and very powerful. Harness the power for some commitment that you are working with right now. We remind you here that you do not need to KNOW all the steps and all the details. Having the right intellectual information before embarking on a bid for power and a commitment to it is not essential. In fact it will often get in the way and hold you back from just going for it. Stretch yourself this full moon. Get outside your comfort zone and commit to something you never thought you could do. Just make sure it is something you want.

On the full moon my relationship and communication issues came around to truth telling and full re-commitment, it was an incredible healing.

May 8-15: A window for seeing results. Some may exceed your expectations, some may be disappointing, and some may be confusing. Instead of asking what went wrong, revisit your original motivation for your bid and your commitment. What is it that you wanted? This may give you some insight into what was unclear or clouded or confusing. Without judgment, make adjustments.

This is a time frame where you also may be dealing with choices and decisions that have to do with next steps. When you bid for power and make a true commitment you give spirit the green light to begin manifesting. This will often bring the challenge of tests (are you sure?) or great success that you have to be ready for. In the process there are often choices and decisions to be made that relate to the next steps. Be ready. The energy is gearing up.

Many things changed during this time regarding where the right property would be and the qualities that were important to us.

May16-22: A highly charged time where you may experience so much activity that you don’t know what to do first. It is important that you set your priorities and have patience and compassion for those that do not have the same clarity as you may have about your commitments. Rather than reacting negatively, practice acceptance. Prioritize your commitments and manage your energy around what needs your input the most. This is a good time to practice boundaries so you are not swept up into someone else’s drama. There will be plenty of drama around you. Learn to seek the neutrality and peaceful state of allowing synchronicity and right timing. Be available by being present so that spirit can bring to you what you have committed to. Allow others to be wherever they are as you cannot help them do what they have to do themselves.

May 17th is the day I looked at the house and we wrote the offer on May 19th. We also listed our houses for sale on the 19th and did the “hurry, scurry” to clean our houses and get them ready to show, all in just a few hours!!  I had a list!!

May 20:
New Moon and partial solar eclipse at 5:48 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a very intense time that can bring breakage, conflict, change and potent fuel for your dreams and bids for power. You can infuse your commitment with this solar energy, which represents the masculine. Use this time wisely as anything that passes through your thoughts and feelings will be magnified. Stay away from known conflict and negative situations. The quality is fiery and explosive and will be fueled by the winds of change.

The day of the eclipse is the day that we received the offer on our house!  All within 12 hours of listing it!  Fast?  Uh, YEAH!!

Speaking of fast, a few days after I wrote my intentions for the house, nature showed up as a Roadrunner in flight, which is rare.  I entered the experience in my journal.

To see the full report, as mine has only excerpts, go to http://www.thepowerpath.com/index.php/power-path-home/the-power-path/monthly-forecast/451-may-forecast-2012


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