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Nature is in the House

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Nature is in the House


When I first home schooled my girls 5 years ago, I knew that I wanted nature to be a big part of our curriculum.  Madison had such a love for animals and the natural world it was an easy vehicle to teach through.  Back then I found out about a class that was being taught in Idyllwild by Joseph Cornell called Sharing Nature With Children (a book by the same name is available). One of the exercises we did in that workshop was to walk out in the beautiful Idyllwild forest and find any object in nature and sit quietly and listen to it.  Ask it a question and listen to the answer.  I sat under a tree. The tree did speak to me and wanted me to bring my children to the nature center. I did bring my girls there several years later.

Fast forward to my next adventure into homeschooling. My dear friend Julie www.jaiseed.com introduced me to Perelandra www.perelandra-ltd.com.  In the short amount of time I have been reading and practicing a bit of what is taught in Perelandra and communing with nature some remarkable things have happened.  During a meditation with the children I called in the nature spirits and ask them to show up in a unique way to let us know that we are on the right path.  In the next 24 hours we had three unusual things appear.   A hummingbird hovered about 20 feet in the air over my driveway for almost a full minute before perching on a tree branch.  I was discussing homeschooling options with a friend and my oldest daughter began to speak from a very wise place as to why she wanted to leave the district homeschooling program we were in and have more freedom under a Private School Affidavit and Bee landed on our www.globalschoolvillage.org curriculum.  A short while later a coyote ran in front of my car during the day and watched me watching him at the side of the road for a good long time.  The next time we meditated together calling in Nature again within 24 hours we were visited.  A hummingbird flew into our house and was stuck in our skylight in the kitchen.  She would not fly into a net so I had to get her by hand.  I couldn’t believe the amount of energy I felt coursing through my hand and arm coming from this tiny being. I tried to place her on my jasmine bush but she was still in shock. I just held her and watched her, she watched me just as intently, then chirped showing her long tongue and dashing off at a tremendous speed.

During this same time a trusted mentor and teacher was consulted about this new development of my girls wanting to leave the public school district homeschooling program and be completely free from the system.  He summed up his advice by telling me that there is no morphic field for what I was trying to do as a parent and teacher so I would need to call upon the ancestors and the earth (nature).

Now here I am, our last day with that program is Friday and we will be filing a Private School Affidavit, we feel free and joyful.  Life is sweet. Hummingbird as a totem teaches us that we can accomplish the impossible, move quickly and in any direction and enjoy the sweet nectar of life.  Hummingbird medicine is in the flowers, flower essences and essential oils and Hummingbird is reinforcing that in my life and in my children’s.

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