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Full Moon

Posted in Ascension on Friday, November 11th, 2011 at 1:37 am No Comments
Full Moon

The events of the past several months will take some time to tell.  Suffice it to say I am a new person, a new mother, a new wife in a new marriage.  I did not sit down and decide to do these things, I did not use my will to change my life, I surrendered to the energy and pushed off from the safe shores into the center of the river and let it carry me to where I am now.  Still in the flow, and since the surrender I see the beautiful and often astonishing, surprising synchronicity of living in this way.  It isn’t perfect, there are many challenges and ascension pains are still part of my life, similar to my children’s growing pains.

In the last month or so the energies have effected my pituitary gland and I feel it activate at random times as an energy buzz on the bridge of my nose between my eyebrows.  My crown chakra is very active and I am aware of the energy there daily.  I have drawn out how I perceive the new chakras of ascension and am trying to make sense of an antenna like system above the head that is configured like the sacred geometry of the tree of life.  I also have been aware of hormonal shifts that have affected my cycle and my oldest daughter.  I am synced now exactly with the moon and use a new time/calendar system.  www.lawoftime.org

This shift happened through stepping out of the morphic field of public education and into homeschooling.  This fit the need that we were all feeling to be at home more.  In our first couple of weeks we studied the history of our present day Gregorian calendar.  My children were outraged and we began exploring ancient calendars and synchronistically came upon the 13 moon calendar which itself is an activator or synchronometer of cosmic energy completely aligned to the natural earth rhythms.

I am looking forward to celebrating 11-11-11 tomorrow with my children and holding a ritual and giving them a teaching that has been making itself known in my consciousness.

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