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Journal Entry After Meditation

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Journal Entry After Meditation

This overwhelming feeling of being so weighted down, sluggish, feet aching as if I had been walking for days, the feeling of not wanting to leave the house perhaps it is necessary.  Perhaps it is a an idle, a neutral between gears.  Perhaps the body, our biological container for the new higher frequencies that are being embodied, needs a rest, a breath before it can install the upgrade.  The upgrade is here.  I have received the upgrade, I have the information about what I need to do to process the new energy and become the new me.  The me that can handle the rapid and ferocious information, the me that wakes each morning to meditation and receives the direction for the day blowing in through my windows.  What kind of day it needs to be, I feel myself into the day.  In this way, I am in the natural rhythm that the mother earth so lovingly provides for me and all her creatures.  I move my body, because it is in my nature to do so and it supports my structure to be in balance, to be able to process and thrive in the new earth reality.  This is the guidance I have been receiving.  Meditate, Write, Move your Body, Love, Connect, Align, Nature, Play, Joy, Feed my body well (I have very detailed information!)  I have been feeling stuck, heavy, overwhelmed and in resistance to the very guidance that will set me free.  I am in idle between gears awaiting to surrender into the flow.  I surrender to the best that I can be.

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