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Journal Entry After Meditation

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Journal Entry After Meditation

That which feels hard, the resistance of not doing my guidance is more difficult, uncomfortable and painful than moving through the resistance, which is based in fear not in love.  Moving into the loving rhythm of self care and self love, flowing into meditation, music, scent, movement, connection, nature, alignment, truth, and love creates a web or structure of support for all of the energy and information that I know is coming into my field even as I write this.

I feel that the intensity volume and vibration is starting to climb up and now is the time to cleanse my body by a cleansing diet, and create a solid foundation to support where I am going.  It is in my best interest and all those closest to me.  I love meditation, movement, yoga, cardio barre, walking in nature, reading, writing, self-expression, spending time at home, the comfort from being with my dogs, snuggling, painting with the girls, music, scents, connection alignment and truth, they bring balance, harmony and joy to my life.  And so it is.

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