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Walk This Way

Michelle’s Ascension Story

In meditation I was given guidance to blog my ascension experience.  Everyone has their own path as unique as each one of us are.  Stories are powerful and healing.  If one person reads this and it helps them in their path I have more than succeeded in helping others.  Just by writing this down and putting it out there, I have opened a quantum resonance field of consciousness with this story that forms a grid for others to lay down their experience.

This most recent eclipse of July 1st was very intense for me.  For 13 years I have been studying alternative healing methods and am very sensitive to the collective field.  Since February of this year that process has sped up to more than 20 times the rate of transformation I had been experiencing.  With this amplified process I have also experienced an amplification of other senses that I have developed and uncovered over the years.

Last Wednesday morning I woke up with a crick in my neck.  Within a few hours I was on full lock down muscle guarding on the left side head, neck and shoulders.  It felt (feels) like whiplash.  I went to the Chiropractor.  Iced it, put heat on, took aromatherapy baths, had several massages all adding up to no change.  I shared this with my friend and she wisely said, “then its not physical”.

I had been sensing a discordant energy with my husband but everything else was fine in my life.  When I asked him what was wrong he brushed it off.  Inside my body I am finding truth.  It is a resonance that has a physical sensation, it occurs between my navel and my heart.  When I sense alignment or truth I am beginning to get these signals much more clearly.  I am also trusting them.  In fact Trust is a huge thing for me right now.  On Friday morning, the day of the eclipse my husband and I had an exchange that left me restless and also knowing that something was wrong, I could feel it.   By the evening when we were together after a short and calm conversation I pointed out what I knew was going on.  What followed was a marriage earth quake, rocking our foundation.  During the next couple of hours, I was able to communicate and process through everything from a loving and compassionate place.  I observed myself and was surprised by how quickly any anger quickly dissipated and shifted to love and compassion.  I was amazed as my observer self felt how strong my truth antenna was operating and how much I was trusting it.  The gift that this eclipse gave us is the healing on a deep, deep level each as individuals which will have a beautiful impact on our relationship.  In the process of talking and processing I told my husband that I had always held back part of me from him.  The part that has strong spiritual beliefs, that is psychic, empathic and a healer.  I was afraid I would be scorned and he would not love me.  I have always felt shy to show that side of myself.  No shy is not the correct word!  I have always been afraid to show who I really am to the world, including my husband.  I told him, I am no longer going to do that, he gets all of me.  Everyone does.  This is an incredible healing for me.  I am excited to continue down this path…come along….Walk This Way…

Special thanks for the incredible astrology reading this weekend, that gave me clarity and confirmation from Julia Wolfe, 661-268-0607

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