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Travels to the Multi-Verse

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Travels to the Multi-Verse

My pain was not physical so I switched my healing intentions into the spiritual and emotional realm.  I spent time in meditation.  I used the Humming Meditation and Tree Field Seal by www.jaiseed.com

I had emotional releases during meditation of grief, loss and sadness.

Next I moved into a past life meditation using a technique called Quantum Jumping (a guided visualization).

As I relaxed I began to see a scene of a woman (myself) being brought a sick child to heal.  The child was on the brink of death and was brought by his mother against the father’s wishes.  The father was dogmatic and powerful man.  The child died and he led a group to stone me to death.  I ran away and was cornered.  The left side of my body took the brunt of the attack and finally killed me.  I was watching as an observer but I felt what she was feeling.  Initially it was fear and injustice.  Then she/me came to a place of love and compassion for the father that in his grief blamed her.  She sent love to him and died in peace.

I realized that I was not so much re-writing that experience but it was my reaction to it, being faced with love and compassion that helped to release my fears.

Also, current Quantum Physics believes that there are multiple realities existing in dimensions in which can be having life experiences all simultaneously.  As humans we experience time in our reality.  But time is an illusion and doesn’t exist in the universe.  So these past lives are actually all happening at once from a galactic perspective.

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