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A few days before the eclipse of July I began to experience physical pain in my body.  I was in a state of resistance to that pain and I wanted it to go away.  Very much like allopathic medicine looks at the body and cuts out unwanted parts, I had the realization that I needed to accept it.  As part of accepting the pain, I asked myself what message was it delivering to me.

The message was clear.  The message had been repeatedly given to me.  I had written it down.  Though about the message.  Thought about doing the message.  I stopped short of the actual doing.  The action of doing.  I took some steps toward it and then met resistance to the actual act of doing it or completing it.

To me, words are extremely powerful.  They hold energy, they direct it and share it with others and our collective field.  This is not only a metaphysical dream but a researched fact.  You can simply look at Messages in Water, HeartMath, Mystics and Quantum Physics for the proof you may need.  I looked up the words resistance, action, stress and flow in the dictionary.

Here is the information below:


5. Physics

a. An applied force or system of forces that tends to strain or deform a body.

b. The internal resistance of a body to such an applied force or system of forces.

6. Electricity The opposition of a body or substance to current passing through it, resulting in a change of electrical energy into heat or another form of energy.

a. A mentally or emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition occurring in response to adverse external influences and capable of affecting physical health, usually characterized by increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, muscular tension, irritability, and depression.


re·sis·tance  (r-zstns)


1. The act or an instance of resisting or the capacity to resist.

2. A force that tends to oppose or retard motion.

6. Electricity The opposition of a body or substance to current passing through it, resulting in a change of electrical energy into heat or another form of energy.

flow  (fl)

v. flowed, flow·ing, flows



a. To move or run smoothly with unbroken continuity, as in the manner characteristic of a fluid.

b. To issue in a stream; pour forth: Sap flowed from the gash in the tree.

2. To circulate, as the blood in the body.

3. To move with a continual shifting of the component particles: wheat flowing into the bin; traffic flowing through the tunnel.

4. To proceed steadily and easily: The preparations flowed smoothly.

5. To exhibit a smooth or graceful continuity: The poem’s cadence flowed gracefully.

6. To hang loosely and gracefully: The cape flowed from his shoulders.

7. To rise. Used of the tide.

8. To arise; derive: Many conclusions flow from this hypothesis.


a. To abound or teem: coffers flowing with treasure.

b. To stream copiously; flood: Contributions flowed in from all parts of the country.

ac·tion  (kshn)


1. The state or process of acting or doing: The medical team went into action.

2. Something done or accomplished; a deed. See Usage Note at act.

3. Organized activity to accomplish an objective: a problem requiring drastic action.

4. The causation of change by the exertion of power or a natural process: the action of waves on a beach; the action of a drug on blood pressure.

5. A movement or a series of movements, as of an actor.

6. Manner of movement: a horse with fine action.

7.Habitual or vigorous activity; energy: a woman of action.

As I read the definitions I had an epiphany.  Resistance as in the electrical definition caused heat or another form of energy.  This happens when the energy that is trying to come in is resisted.  It causes heat and I suggest inflammation and pain when we resist.  It also causes an energy distortion.  Is the answer action?  This was my next question.  As I read the definition I became aware that was not the answer.  Action does have a place, it is a doing kind of energy.  But the answer for me to the problem of resistance is not action, it is flow.  As I read the definition of flow I was sure that this is the type of energy of being and of allowing.  If I allow the energy to come into my field without resistance then it will flow.  It must not stop within my field as the energy or messages that I am receiving are about sharing my gifts or caring for my mind/body/field.  In the sharing and caring that I am being guided into, it is not just action that is required it is flow.  I cannot just write a list and carry it out I have to ride the wave or the flow of the new information (energy) that I am receiving without resistance.

The messages I received are simple and clear.  Easy to do and don’t take a lot of time.  Being in resistance is painful and confusing, being in flow is blissful and comfortable.  I choose flow.  I choose it now and in this moment.

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