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Deep Connection

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Deep Connection

Deep connection is a theme in my life at the moment.  I can absolutely feel in my body when I am experiencing a deep connection with someone.  It feels wonderful.  It goes beyond understanding or empathy, it is as if we are actually connected and synchronized so that I can feel what they are feeling or know what they are thinking during the connection.

The more I experience this deep connection and the synchronicity the more I want to experience it.

I have noticed a lot of research and books that relate to this experience using different terminology.  Recently, I read a book titled Dogs that Know When Their Owners are Coming Home by Rupert Sheldrake.  He believes it is a form of telepathy that develops over the bond or deep connection that the dog has with its owner.  Today, I found a brain research article that shows via fMRI that brain activity synchronizes during communication between two people that resonates.  This synchronicity follows the resonation not the other way around. http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2010/07/mind-meshing/

Incidentally, Rupert Sheldrake is a man worth reading, he also wrote Morphic Resonance, it is a quantum biological theory of everything.  Everything exists in a field.  Each field effects and resonates with other fields.  Mystics have known it for centuries and now science is catching up!

Also worth watching are Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman on the Science Channel, a series in which Rupert Sheldrake was interviewed on the 6th sense.  The movies Quantum Activist and Living Matrix.


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