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The Heart of the Sunflower

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The Heart of the Sunflower

My Moon

Over the last few months I have experienced a very fast ascension into a higher state of being that took me up in it’s current and I had no choice but to be led through the experience.  I have now been given the opportunity to see myself as I truly am as I shed parts of me that no longer serve me.  Ego death, to put it simply.  One of the astonishing things that came out of this transformation is the inability to eat meet.  This was not a conscious choice based on health or compassion, I physically cannot do it without being sick.  My belief is that the ascension into a higher frequency prevents me from letting anything into my field that is of a vibration too low to exist.  This is not only food but people, places, media, music, I think you are getting the point.  Now, I had always had visceral feelings in my body when I was in the presence of something that didn’t feel good.  I would acknowledge the feeling and go about my business.  Now, I may get physically ill, feel like I might vomit and just basically be so repelled as two magnets trying to be forced together the wrong way.  I have been physically ill as my body tries to integrate this new frequency on a cellular level and detox off the parts that can no longer exist in the new vibration.  I have met new wonderful guides to help me through this process and launch me forward with the exact tools that I need.  Thank you Julie.  http://jaiseed.com/

Here I sit on a weekend retreat that my incredible husband fully supported.  I am in Paso Robles, with red-tailed hawks landing on a branch 6 feet from me, rain coming down, all by myself.  This is a pivotal moment in my life.  When have I ever in my entire life went away for the weekend by myself?  Never.  I do have my twin soul Lilah with me (my Golden Retriever).

What else has changed.  I have unplugged to a degree that shocks me.  It may be days or even weeks that I acknowledge emails (sorry).  I am almost unaware of my schedule and have double booked, missed and just been plain confused as to what day it even is.  The beauty of this experience is I have learned to live in the moment, not perfectly but a significant amount more than I ever have.  I have slowed down enough to make changes in my home and the structure of my family time that has had an amazing impact on my children.  I am slowed down enough to be aware of the universal guidance that is being poured into my being in vast quantities that I have never experienced before.

Gratitude to Julie, to the support from my Husband and my dear friends only a few of whom can comprehend what I am saying.

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