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Vast Wisdom

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Vast Wisdom

Wisdom is always available and always within you.  Access requires the quieting of body and mind and in this stillness it speaks to you and from you.  It is not separate from you.  Separation is an illusion.

One choice you can make today to improve your life and your health, emotional, nutritional and otherwise is to Slow Down.  Slowing down has a physiological impact on your body and mind.  It takes the nervous system out of the fight or flight response of the speed of the culture within which we live.  Slowing down brings you into your self, in touch with your body, your inner wisdom.  It switches the nervous system into the parasympatheic in which healing can take place, in which digestion takes place.  Where there is anxiety, digestive disorder, or adrenal imbalance, the simple act of Slowing Down will make a change.  What does slowing down look like?  Sit down to eat your meal.  Become aware of it.  Light a candle and say a blessing or positive words prior to eating.  Enjoy it.  Another view; upon waking in the morning, instead of going straight to your computer, Break your Fast.  You have literally fasted all night long and your body is ready to receive nutrients, listen to this body wisdom.  Perhaps pull a wisdom card or meditate and set your intentions for the day.  Start the day slowly and with peace.

My Best,

Michelle Bellamy

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